Sunday, March 20, 2011

NYC...Day 1

We received an email sometime Thursday or Friday about our flights.  This was like the fourth email about our flight changing so Saturday morning I called to see what was up.  Our flight was leaving 15 minutes later and it was now a NON-STOP flight!  Huzzah!  (Originally we were stopping in Kansas City....worst airport to have a layover of more than 10 minutes in!!)

We left DIA about 10:45 and landed at LGA at 4ish.  We navigated the bus and train like a rockstar if I do say so...well that was after I checked to make sure it was the right bus about 20 times.  We rode the M60 to the train station and got on the N.  Well there was construction on the N line so we stopped at Queensboro Plaza.  A place I remember well.  There we got on the 7.  Last time I was in NY we rode the 7 in to Manhattan from Queens everyday.  We took the 7 to Times Square.  We are staying two blocks outside of Times Square.

It's a little suite.  We thought it would be nice to have a place to store leftovers that could then be eaten as lunch later during our trip.  We also have breakfast available for us from 8AM to 11AM!  Hooray!

After checking in we went to find food--We ate at Brooklyn's Diner.  I had just told Ryan that we were going all out this trip.  I had been saving money for it and we weren't holding back.  And we didn't...we both ate $20 cheeseburgers!  We were hungry and they didn't have a wait time and we sat down and I about fainted.  We contemplated leaving, but justified that since we had only eaten breakfast, spending an addition $20 could be divided into two meals and so therefore it was fine. :)

After dinner we walked around Times Square and checked out M&M's World and the Hershey Factory.  I didn't have my fancy camera so all these are taken with my point and shoot.  Today I'll be taking my fancy camera.

 Statue of Liberty kiss anyone? 

 M&M segregation...
I liked this cup...I thought of a few people who would appreciate "chocolate for all" :)

After wandering a few hours we were tired and headed back to the hotel.  We stopped at the subway to get a map so we were ready for today.  We are hanging out in Midtown and then meeting my family for dinner tonight. 

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