Monday, April 09, 2007

From the Plane

This morning I left for Chicago. This was no small task. I didn’t use my two days off very wisely so I had to run to school before I could leave. When I got to school I nearly set the alarm off, and then learned that my new version of Microsoft Word does not save files like the older version I have on my school computer likes to read. As a result of this there are not sub plans on my desk, I have to email them to Mr. Burkee. I thought I would do this from the airport in Denver…
…but because of some idiot who tried to blow up a plan using liquid explosives I almost missed my plane! Now this is not as scary as it sounds. What I mean is that I COMPLETELY forgot about the whole you can’t carry liquids on the plane. So I had to throw away a bottle of Propel with two sips out of it. Only to stand in line at security and realize that I had a TON of liquids in my suitcase. So I got OUT of line at security, ran back to where one checks in and checked my “overnight” bag. I’m flying Southwest so I had my boarding pass and completely bypassed the check in counter when I first entered the airport. The lady check my bag and told me to “hurry” to gate C-45. Well, duh! It’s 9 am and my plane leaves at 9:40! But, I cannot control security. Thankfully the older man passing out “Golden Tickets” didn’t give me one! These were not happy golden tickets, but flags for you to receive a more “personal” screening.
I made it through security to the train and it wasn’t there. I waited…what else could I do? I made it to my gate just as group A (my group) was boarding. I was the last one from group A to board. I found my seat in the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back of the plane and pulled out my book.
My book is weird and just keeps getting weirder. I want to just stop reading it but a friend gave it to me to read and if I stop then I’ll have to admit to friend that it’s terribly written and almost dumb. It’s ADHD which is why I think said friend enjoyed it so much. There is no clear plot that is emerging and I’m over halfway through it. I keep telling myself that something will come of it. This is one of the only motivations I have for finishing it.
I’m on the plan right now. I got a window seat and a guy who lives in Chicago is sitting in the aisle seat. No one in our middle seat, thank you. We chatted a bit. He was in Denver skiing…which can’t happened because you can’t ski in Denver, but nice try. J Then my ADD kicked in. I read an old issue of People, then busted out the computer. He fell asleep and is snoring. Loudly! I have headphones in with music playing and planes are noisy and I can hear him snoring. It’s almost a cartoon like snoring. It makes me want to laugh. As I type this I have turned my computer so that in case he awakens he cannot see that I’m writing about him. Hehe
I watched yet another TWO episodes of Sex and the City last night. I want to live in New York! But only if I can live as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha do. You know? They are four 30-something women who shop, eat lunches together, and go out every night together. In one episode you hear about Carrie paying rent but only because she screwed things up with Aiden and he kicks her out. We know that they all have “jobs” but seriously? I would love to have Carries job. If I did perhaps I could be paid for my two hour flight to Chicago because I’m writing right now! They seem to have no responsibilities. Even when Miranda has Brady she still enjoys life to the fullest as though she was single. We never see her really being concerned about leaving Brady every night to go out with the girls. Yes, I think I will move to New York and take some people with me. Maybe we can be the Jesus in the City girls, since clearly the sex part of the title isn’t happening…hmm…instead of living carefree promiscuous lives, we can live carefree evangelizing lives? Think about it…
Well the pilot says we are “making our decent” so I need to power this puppy down. I hope Midway has Wi-Fi so I can post this and email my lesson plans. Then I will go claim my checked baggage of liquid no-no’s and find my ride to explore what this church and school have to offer. I hope they offer lunch…I’m starving!

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