Friday, April 06, 2007

Computers, Sex and the City,

I got a new computer!!! I can now offically chat with my friends with ALL 26 letters of the alphabet AND spaces! For those of you who are unware of my previous computer drama let me explain...

One morning I was getting ready for school and remembered I had a paper on my computer I needed to print out for class. I turned on my computer finished getting ready and decided to sit down at the computer and open up the necessary file. Well, I brought my breakfast with me and in the process of reaching for something in super s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n I spilled my berry bleng V8 all over the computer...which was a laptop! Argh! My first thought was "that's going to be sticky!" So I poured a bit of water in there and turned it upside down. Luckily my hard drive was not damaged...only the computer. The 't' and 'y' as well as the space bar stopped working. Also the mouse spazzed out a few times and when I'd push 'delete' the number '4' would show up 100's of times. I'd been saving for and trying to decide what to get for sometime concerning a new computer so I decided there was no time like the present...and now I own a fantasitic laptop with an integrated wireless card and working keyboard.

On to Sex and the City. I'm addicted to it. I've watched the whole series season to season. It's definately not the most moral show to be addicted to, but none-the-less, I am hooked. In fact right now I'm watching the collection on eBay and hoping I can grab it for $50!...we'll see if it pans out. Now since watching Sex and the City I find myself trying on rediculous heels which I term as being fabulous or fantastic while I strut up the shoe aisle in them. Of course I then take them off and put them back in the box because we all know heels are impractical...or so I convince myself. I'm 6 foot...what do I need another 2 inches for? I'll tell you, because I can. (Well almost, sometimes I struggle to walk in the stelleto type ones--but I'm getting better) I now own two pairs with my sights set on finding the third pair! (Which is a challenge when your foot measures a true foot!)

Also, since watching Sex and the City I want more and more to move to Manhatten. I've been there multiple times and enjoyed...even loved it there. But all the times I was there I was not really an 'adult'. I went two years ago with Amy, but we were only there for one day on a whirlwind East Coast Thanksgiving Tour and doing the tourist stuff. I want to be there like Carrie and the girls for a few weeks or even months. Would I move to NY for good? Sure, until children came into the picture, then it would be time to head back west.

So in true S & the C fashion a question that doesn't necessarily make alot of sense at the time:
Are we all just looking to find a little Manhatten where we live?

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