Friday, July 21, 2006

Fun Stuff

So this week Lindz was visiting all the way from Seymore, IN! We had a good time. While she was here she snapped a few pics that I thought I'd share.
This one is me and Mona's chilren. R.J. is 3, Kaitlyn is 2, and Maddalyn, my god-daughter is 1. Check out all that hair she has now days. She has come a long way!
(Their little brother, "Batman" will be here Aug. 22!)
Kory, Lindz, B, and I at the end of our girls weekend in KC. What fun we had!

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hannah said...

That's a good picture of the girls :) hope things are good in Denver. Oh ps. Get used to boys hitting on you... you're a hottie!