Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

So my plan is to hopefully make this a monthly thing...I've seen it all over Instagram, blogs, Facebook, etc.  It's supposed to be simple, take 10 pictures, one every hour of your day and post them as you go along.  Easy right?  WRONG!

First, I can't be posting things on Facebook/Instagram every hour during school because I'm friends with parents/staff members on those media tools.  

Second, I forgot...I set a reminder in my calendar so I would do it and remember this morning, then by noon I had forgot then I remembered and then I forgot.

So you get 10 pictures, not 10 sequential pictures, but not necessarily taken 10 hours in a row.

 6:29 AM...heading to work listening to a little country
 Got to my classroom to find that one of my students had hung a "Closed" sign on our door.  Made me laugh!
 Meet Adam, he HATES math.  He tries to negotiate no math daily.  He was unsuccessful again...
 Craft project while the kiddies are PE.  This is my 1998 National Youth Gathering Bible from Atlanta.  I use it as my classroom bible.  The covers are falling apart.  Today I covered the covers in polka dot duct tape.  I will miss you "Called to Be" logo
 Desk in my classroom...papers every where!  I didn't get out my laptop today in my classroom because of all the papers!
 Principal Time...reading about Common Core and trying to figure out the best way to implement it.
 Tomorrow (Jan 11) is Eve's 11th birthday!  So I wrapped her locker for her.  She is also getting amazing "Happy Birthday" beads to wear.  She probably won't, but we'll see. 
 On the way home I think I pass the highest point in Denver.  90th-ish and Washington by Thorton High School.  The view is breathtaking.  Today the cold had started moving it so it was a bit cloudy.
 Gas for less than $3!  Huzzah!
When I got to Parker & Quincy I pulled up next to this beautiful Husky just staring me down from his car.  I thought it was funny so I tried to take a picture without the owners noticing...she totally saw me.  Ninja I am not.  I quickly rolled up my window and prayed the light would change fast and that she wouldn't follow me home to beat me up for the photo of her dog.  

I got home safe. :)

So there you go, there are my 10 on 10.  My new planned monthly blog. :)


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