Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's photo dump is a hodge podge of the last few weeks, including a trip to Ohio to see Ryan's mom's side of the family.  

We left on Thursday, arrived in OH and rented a car.  We drove up to Grafton and stayed with Grandpa Jim.

Friday we drove to Amish country with Uncle Ken (MIL's Brother) and Aunt Tracy.  We also stopped at two breweries including one called the School House Brewery.  We bought a few bottles of wine. :)

Saturday we celebrated Grandpa Jim's 75th birthday at a park.   A couple of Ryan's cousins were there as well as Uncle Phil and Aunt Bonnie.

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with Grandpa Jim and all the fathers in the family.  After lunch Ryan and I headed out to see my NE friend, Laura who lives near Grafton!

Monday we met up with Ryan's parents and sister at his Grandma Linda's house.  We drove to a park along the lake, had a picnic lunch and looked for "sea glass"  (broken glass that is smooth (no sharp edges) from tumbling through the water and rocks)

Tuesday we headed back to Denver.

Ryan's sister, Ryan and I on the plane from DIA to Akron/Canton, OH

(Photo courtesy of Alyssa)

We went to a store in Amish country and they had weird soda Ryan is holding a complete meal--Wings and Sweet Corn!
Ryan's Uncle Phil plays the bag pipes.
Park near Lake Erie
At Lake Erie
And because no post with be complete without a picture of Tanker--the lazy bum!
My pink swim cap and goggles!

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Yay for swimming! And Tanksters!