Thursday, April 07, 2011

Achievement Testing Week

This week has been Achievement Testing week at school.  BOOOOOOOOOOOORING for me.  I'm glad I don't teach K, 1 or 2!  Those teachers have to read each and every test out loud to their students.  Me, I read directions and then get anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes of free time...answering an occasional question here and there.  Normally this is fabulous.  However this week, it's not been as great as it could be.  You see, my computer is sick.

It has a virus.  Or two.  It caught the virus on Friday.  I took it home to my computer savvy husband and demanded  asked nicely that it be repaired.  It's Thursday.  Still no computer.  Yuck!  So I've been forced to sit at the front of the room and use my classroom computer, (read: play on the Internet).  You see I have NO files on my classroom computer that are useful for prepping for next week.  Those are all housed on my laptop.  So I've surfed the net a lot.  I've planned Ryan and I many vacations during my that I would love to take tomorrow (okay, sometime soon)-- North Carolina.

You see, my new thing is to listen to books on CD in the car.  I'm one disk away from finisheing The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.  Which like most of his books is set in North Carolina.  And like most of his books, I'm certain someone will's going to be your typical, tragic love story.  
Not only is my computer sick, but my phone is acting the fool too!  It randomly freezes up and has a completely black screen.  I just need it to last until Novemeber because that's when we are eligible for new phones again.  Though, I think that sometimes you can upgrade a few months early, which then begs the question: "Iphone or Droid?" or stick with the ol' Blackberry?  Decisions, decisions.  Currently the phone is rebooting because I yanked the battery from it to show it a lesson.  (And hope that rebooting fixes it)


In other news, Tank has decided this week to be a momma's boy.  He follows me everywhere.  Even when Ryan is home, which is a change from what it used to be.  Today I was in my bathroom getting ready.  He came in and made himself cozy in the corner on my bathrobe and started SNORING.  (I know, my bathrobe shouldn't be on the floor, but that's not the point.)  He must have partied hard in his kennel last night because usually when I let him out in the morning he's crazy full of energy, but today the snuggling on the bathrobe was where he was the entire time I was getting ready. 

Well, I suppose, my kiddies have been working about 40 minutes now, so they should be finisheing soon.  RECESS TIME!

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Colleen said...

I will come entertain you! I'll be stopping by tomorrow to bring you the VBS stuff...that will be fun!! Sad about your computer. I would totally freak out. Tank luuuvs you.