Monday, February 22, 2010


Thursday I met Amy at the airport around 7:45pm for our flight to Vegas! Hannah was coming into DIA at 7:20 for her connecting flight to Vegas. Lucky for us (but not her so much) her flight was delayed almost 3 hours so she came to our terminal. Amy and I were on the plane at 9:30 something to go. Hannah didn't leave until almost midnight!

Upon checking in at the Flamingo, Amy and I were told that our room had been comped. We thought that just Thursday night was going to be free, but somehow Ryan had got our room for the entire weekend for free! This was happy news because at the last minute we added a second room for two nights and increased the price of the room for the weekend by fifty bucks. By having our first (and longest--Thursday to Monday) room comped, we only split the cost of the second room six ways making this weekend the cheapest stay in Vegas I've ever had!Hannah finally joined us in our hotel at some hour that only she probably knows. We slept until Lindsey and Bethany joined us the next morning around 11am. We then went next door to O'Shea's where we found a food court complete with Subway (hooray $5 footlongs) and ate lunch/breakfast...something. Then we began our tour of Vegas for Amy and Lindsey--first time Vegas-ers.
This picture of Bethany-Hannah-Me-Amy-Lindsey is taken across the street from the Flamingo in front of Caesar's Palace, which is HUGE, and NO, the real Caesar does not live there.

I'm gonna guess that my mom would be proud of this picture...don't worry, I didn't really drink it.
On Saturday night we got all dressed up an enjoyed a yummy dinner at P.F. Changs. I was super excited to sport my FABULOUS boots! And a great dress that I borrowed from Cyndi--thanks!
After P.F. Changs we hopped on the bus and went down to old Vegas--Fremont Street. I told the girls we HAD to go there because they had 99 cent FRIED OREOS! Yummy! They provided me with a great crown and ring for the evening.
Fremont Street is cool. It's covered and they have light shows on the roof every so often. With all the craziness on the roof, you feel like it's daylight sometimes when it's's really 3 AM!

Like my ring? (It may or may not be a shot glass.)
Amy and Laura departed on Sunday leaving B, Hannie, Lindz and I to wander all day. Lindz and I went to the Wynn Sunday evening to watch the water show they had (and drink very fancy drinks.)

During the day B, Hannie and I tried to fit in with the hotel mascot...FLAMINGOS!

All in all Vegas was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

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Colleen said...

That looks so fun! And you look great in Cyndi's dress!