Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The End is Near

Sad reality has set in at 588 Depew today. After spending roughly two and a half hours and a combined $150 Amy and I have realized that shcool will begin in two short weeks. This is sad news in the teacher house. Summer is NEVER long enough! And what you think you can get done during the summer ALWAYS seems to get put off until the last two weeks of summer thus leaving one a bit rushed. Add additional duties on top of that and you have an unhappy camper...or two.

This summer has been quite AMAZING and full of fun, which is why my blogging has been non-existant. I began the summer with a fabulous OKC trip to the HannieLou's, went to AZ with Ryan's family, headed to Spain with Lindz and made two (or three) too many (because the drive is long) trips to Nebraska. Last weekend was the official end of summer traveling, a trip to NE to the Broberg wedding. It was a fun time, but now reality. A meeting this morning, a trip to the school suppoly store, a meeting tomorrow night and two days of meetings next week. (see the theme emerging.)

Well, that's all for now, just thought an update was necessary. :)

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