Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damaged...bionic leg...there all the same, right?

So on Thursday I went to an orthopedic doctor as a self-inflicted follow up to the ankle/knee injury. The ankle is healing well. The bruising is all gone and the swelling is down significantly, it's almost looking normal. I'm still wearing the BEAUTIFUL brace because the tendons in the ankle were stretched...a lot...making rolling it again a big possibility. But the doctor, I went to have my knee checked out. I have had problems with my knee for a while now, and I felt that if I wanted to get out of bed in the morning without looking like a little 199 year old woman, I better get it checked out. The diagnosis...not what I wanted as it is currently "inconclusive" (a MRI to follow once insurance approves of it). It did however get me an equally BEAUTIFUL knee brace. That's right folks, I have an ankle brace that goes 1/4 the way up my calf, about 3 to 4 inches of skin and then a hideous knee brace! So now instead of just being damaged, Ryan has taken to calling my right leg my "bionic leg". And to top it off the weather is getting nicer and nicer, which usually means skirts and capris!


Colleen said...

Love the new layout! Sad for your leggy :(

Anonymous said...

"Bionic leg." Tell Ryan I like that. Hope your ankle and knee get back to normal soon. I'm sure it doesn't stop you from going. :-)
Love U Up 2 God,