Thursday, September 04, 2008

On Why I Haven't Blogged in a While...

...I'm getting a serious butt kicking by the "real world" again.

I don't even know the last time I blogged, so here's a quick run down of the top ten things I've done since the last time I remember blogging. (oh, they are in no particular order)

10. Attended Kyle's Wedding...SO MUCH FUN! I'm a bit sad that the cool cousin Kayla doesn't live in Denver--I had a great time with her. Ask her where her camera is!
9. Started back at school, 13 students, 7 boys, 6 girls, MUCH nicer than last year! (though today my sixth grade girls were a bit...well, I guess PMSy could be it. They were not nice little girls like I like them--they were full of attitude.)
8. Posted WAY to many DQ (discussion questions) for my current UOP class. In the past the profs I have had required 2 DQ's a week and posting the answers went towards your weekly participation grade. This prof, panties in a wad!, she requires SIX (6!) DQ's a week and they DO NOT count toward participation. Which means instead of posting 8 times a week I have been posting close to 10 or 12 times a week!!
7. Successfully kicked of the volleyball season by collecting MANY, MANY forms from girls.
6. Attended the Democratic National Convention Parade with my students (who are IN LOVE with Obama).
5. Learned that my new roommate is about to become my old roommate and that I have to now find a new, new roommate.
4. Renewed my Ski Pass--Bring on the SNOW! (well, in about 4 weeks.)
3. Read WAY more Gossip Girl books than I should probably admit (I'm stuck right now though, I have to go find the next one, though I did just stumble onto one that I don't have yet for $0.99)
2. FINALLY did all the laundry that had been collecting since, well probably longer than I should admit.

(bad that I'm slightly ashamed of numbers 2 & 3?)

Okay, I lied, this has definitely been the highlight of my week.

1. REJOICED WITH SHOUTING AND CLAPPING WHEN IT WAS PEYTON THAT WALKED INTO THE AIRPORT TO MEET LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if anyone sees my "Lucas Scott" wandering around, let me know...I can be Peyton!)


Colleen said...

Nerd. Nerd. Nerd. What about your friend Colleen smacking you TWICE in the arm, and almost being hit by a runaway car???

Colleen said...

Yeah....the annoying thing about having a blog is that you actually have