Monday, February 25, 2008

Now that I've been paid...

...apparently mom and grandma can appreciate good writing. :) Thanks for the cash!!!!

Well, last week officially ended basketball!! I got an email on Wednesday that my boys won the Christian Sportsmanship trophy at the tournament and that Zach recieved All-Tournament team honors. That was pretty exciting!

Friday we had our Staff v. Players basketball games with the yummy potluck in between the two games. The first game was a bit more fun than the second simply because the male adults were not so cut throat! The food, as I stated, was yummy! All in all it was a successful night! (and I finally got to go out with the Ref!)

Saturday I took the youth group up to Fraser to go tubing. The drive up there was, as it always is when we take a van, exciting. After pulling off the highway TWICE on the way up we finally made it up the hill and enjoyed an hour of tubing. They re-did the "kiddie" lift back up the tubing hill which made it so much easier to dismount at the top. I find that the most difficult thing to manuever in tubing and skiing is the lifts!! Last year when we went tubing Mary hit her head rolling off the lift and I banged my knee. So we stuck to the kiddie lift. You just stayed on your tube the WHOLE time! No rolling off and catching your tube.

Yesterday it was BEAUTIFUL here in the mile high city! Rosie and I spent the day doing some spring cleaning in and outside the house. It seems that our neighbors do not understand the concept of tying their trash bags up when they put the trash out! or how to pay their trash bill so that it gets picked up! Because of this their trash sat out on the curb for two weeks and blew all over the neighborhood! The majority of it ended up plastered against our fence in the front yard! It looked terrible but there was just enough snow piled up in the same spot that we didn't really take care of it. Yesterday however it was all I could see when I pulled into the driveway! So we went outside and collected a FULL bag of trash from the front yard. I suggested we take it back to the neighbors, but Rosie reminded me that it would just blow against our fence again! She's so smart.

Today we had auditions for our spring musical. This is the first time we've done something like that since I've been here. Mona and I are in charge of it. It went pretty well. It won't be a high school production by any means, but it should be pretty good. It "opens" April 25 and "closes" the 26th. :)

Well I suppose procrastination should be done for now. I've got choir practice tonight that I should prepare for.


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Colleen said...

You should totally say something to your neighbors. Seriously!! Cute snowboarders or not, there is no excuse for that.