Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Science Class

Student A: Miss Wright, if we are like fluid molecules, do molecules stick together when they run into each other?

Me: In this example, no. Do you stick to Jason when you run into him?

Student B: Miss Wright, Miss Wright, once my parents went camping, and they stuck--

Me: Okay, thanks!

Student B: No they stuck--

Me: Student A, do you understand why they don't stick together in this instance?

Student B: MISS WRIGHT! They stuck--

Me: I don't think this relates to Science, Student B.


Colleen said...

Lets hope that they stuck their tongues to something cold or something like that......

Bethany said...

I beg to differ--the scientific definition of successful living is the production of offspring. You deliberately avoided a teachable moment. :-D

hannah said...

I agree with Bethany. Weren't you talking about how you were going to talk about Sex with them anyway this year? This could have ushered it in much more quickly than you anticipated! :)