Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Gathering Hath Ended

Today ended the gathering. The usher detail was very easy today because people were so tired. I was one of them. I might have dozed off if it weren't for the constant chatter in my ear from the walkie talkie. They didn't announce where the 2010 gathering would be at the end like they normally do, I am thinking they aren't sure yet, but don't want it back in Orlando. Here are some cool pictures that didn't get posted yesterday.

Rebecca and Rachel, sisters who were in my room, modeling their cool balloon hats...ten points if you can name the animals!

My and the Mays!!! I was very excited to see Jake and Michelle. I haven't seen Jake since we left Seward, and Michelle since Adam Kurtz got married. Note the cool Seward T-Shirts were modeling for Seward T-Shirt Tuesday.

I borrowed Hannah's camera to take a picture of myself for her, and then she took mine and took a picture of me taking a picture of me!

Klayton from California and I. He was the other usher captain in my section...notice how he is dressed with the blaze orange vest and walkie already...I'm not. The boys were hard core, me, not so much.

After the mass event today Chrissy and I headed to Denny's for lunch, the Tilden group was there. We then took the trolly to Embassy Suites where we picked up our rental car...a brand new Pontiac G6--it only had 16 miles on it! We went back to the Quality Inn to get our luggage and headed to the airport to pick up Rosie. After we got Rosie we headed to Daytona. Our hotel here is VERY nice! Very roomy. Much better then the one Chrissy and I just left! We all fell asleep once we unpacked our car-for three hours! We might have slept longer but we got hungry. We headed to Pizza Hut. But first we drove down A1A Beach Front Avenue...everyone remember the Vanilla Ice song? Yeah, I totally plan on finding a sign to take a picture by that sign! It was dark by the time we got out so we didn't see much beach, but we did talk to a guy at Pizza Hut, Zach, wearing Andy's nametag. He wanted to invite us to do all sorts of cool things but was pretty nervous. He did slip Rosie his number via Chrissy before we left. :) Well, we're chilling in the hotel room...tomorrow the beach!

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