Monday, September 11, 2006

How long does it take you to do laundry?

Today I came home from school and was cleaning out my lunchbox and saw that I had what were clean clothes, sitting in the washer......I think, the best I can remember, that I put them in the washer Friday night...MAYBE Saturday morning. (Maybe I shouldn't tell the world this since my mom and grama read this occasionly...oh well.) So I re-ran the said clothes through another load (they had been sitting in the wetness for AT LEAST 48 hours) and went into the living room where I found, you guessed it, more laundry! This stuff was clean but not folded. So then the laundry in the washer finishes and I go to put it in the dryer where I find MORE LAUNDRY! I don't even know when I started all this laundry! So then I got to thinking about how long it takes me to do laundry. Why? Why do I procrastinate it so much? Why don't I check the dryer/washer/chair when I wake up and can't find the shirt I want to wear? Life is weird!

Well, it was kind of rainy and gloomy today. The children were good, and we accomplished alot. I find that I love having a new history book, but hate teaching it. It's too much lecturing, and I have no cool ways to make it more interesting. So we skipped it today. :S Tomorrow we'll hit it two-fold. (I wonder if that's the proper use for such a, it'll work.)

It just occured to me that I'm rambling about nothing on a pretty significant day in history. So I think I'll fix that. It's been five years since 9/11, it was all the news could talk about today. I was talking to my mom about what was going on in my life when it happened and where I was. After I got off the phone I remembered going to Ground Zero with Amy and my cousin, Ann Marie in November of 2004. Ann Marie told us that most New Yorkers only go down there if they have to, which makes sense. When we were down there we went to the little church across the way from where the Towers stood. The little church became a safe place for people to run to and also served as a resting place for workers in the aftermath of all that occured that day. I found a bit of peace in that church--Looking out the front door you could see this huge hole in the skyline, but turn around and you see the cross. It's good to know that whatever happens in life, the cross can be the reminder to us that Christ is the only solid rock to stand on.

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Hmmnn, perhaps the class, Management/Organizational
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