Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well, it's been a while...

So here's your photo dump...

Have you seen those "stickers"that you put on your nails?  This is the second time I've used them.  These are ombre from silver to sky blue, and they sparkle.  :)  I hear them!  I only did it because I found them in Target in the clearance basket for $3!  The first time I did it I get them for FREE.
This time I put a clear top coat over them.  I think this is wise, the first time every little bump seemed to nick my nails for the entire time they were on, this time, not so much.

It's perfectly acceptable to travel with an unopened bottle of wine in your cup holder...right? 

I have an app that puts a bible verse on my phone's home screen every day.  This was the verse of my favorites!

I LOVE Nerds.  The only thing better than Nerds is a Nerds Rope.  I found a basket of them in the dollar section at Target.  I walked away...I don't need Nerds...

I didn't walk away from these shoes for Ryan at Target though.  They were on the clearance rack for $10.  I brought them home hoping Ryan would like them.  I figured he'd roll his eyes at me and tell me to return them.  He actually likes them!  They are a great in between flip-flops and real shoes.  Ryan wears flip flops, but always takes them off to drive, these he doesn't have to take off.  And they are just as easy as flip-flops.
Last photo for this in my new car!  Okay, it's our new car, but I get to drive it most days.  :)  I'm pretty blessed.

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