Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Okay, so these aren't all from the ones I've been promising, but they are pictures none-the-less. :)

Last weekend Ry & I with the Tankster headed to Nebraskie for a wedding.  A family friend of ours finally said "I do" after 10 years of dating!  (Which would be a REALLY long time if he was older, since he's not, it's just a long time).  We headed out on Thursday and stayed until Sunday.

I think I appreciate my trips to Nebraska more and more as I age.  It's so nice to be there and not have a care in the world...or so it seems.  It was nice to settle down and not worry about finding a house and dumb house stuff. 

The wedding was on Friday, so we got dressed up all pretty for that... 

My dad loves the camera...can you tell?  Here's the bride and groom...

 Ryan needed to pose with Tank before we left for the wedding.

On Saturday the Huskers played their first Big 10 game against TN.  They won.  Being home on a Husker game day was a great chance for Tank to model his new Husker fashion.  Mom made him a bandana in July so he sported it on Saturday.  Here I am with him. 
 When we go home Tank has to be on a leash when he's outside because we're afraid he'll chase a rabbit and we'll never see him again (okay, that's a stretch since there are like 100 people in Meadow Grove...)  Here he his posing in the grass.

Isn't he the most awesome dog you've ever met?  (or seen?)

Good news!  We have a place to stay once we give up possession of our house!  Two ladies from church who have a house in Arvada are going on a month long trip in October.  I asked them if they needed a house sitter and explained what was going on with Ry & I and today they told me that they would LOVE to have us house sit for them!  Yay for not being totally homeless!  Now if we could just get the bank to accept our offer...

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