Friday, March 25, 2011

NYC...Day 5 & 6

So Wednesday was a crappy day for being outside, but a perfect day for being inside.  We saw Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.  The special effects of the show were AMAZING!  Spiderman & the Green Goblin were sailing all over the theater!  It was AWESOME.  The storyline...we'll it was basically the movie Spiderman.  The singing...nothing to write home about.  This is the first show I've gone to where I haven't know the music first.  All other shows I've seen I've desired to see because I knew the music was good.  Not one song stuck out as fabulous or even just great.  They were all okay.  We ended up with fabulous seats.  Row M, in the middle/stage right.  The best part about our tickets is that the two of them were cheaper then one when I looked online before we left.  I thought about surprising Ryan with the tickets for his birthday, but $172 each seemed like a lot! 

After the show we headed to Chelsea Pier 61.  Chelsea Piers is where the ladies from Sex and the City work out (which I don't recall being very often, but that's what we were told.)  We boarded our cruise vessel for the night.  It was raining and then it turned to snow.  We did however park VERY close to the Statue.  It was one amazing view.  The food was okay.  It was a good evening.  Our waiter's name was Swan, no joke. 

Ryan's gross looking food from the cruise.  See the clam shell!

My much better chicken!

Our last day in NYC was pretty low-key.  We checked out at 11AM and then headed to the Empire State Building.  We met a guy who used to live in Aurora who tried to sell us tickets to go up in the Empire State Building, but we decided that we'd see how long the line inside really was--(he had told us it was a 45 min to and hour wait).  Well the line was not long at all.  We went up to the 86th Floor Observatory deck.  We took many pictures.  After that we also went up to the 102nd Floor.  It was very cool.  I had never done that before, so it was great.  We headed to find some lunch and then went back to the hotel to get our bags.  We arrived at the airport on time.  Enjoy the pictures from our last day.

I'm holding the largest Macy's bag!

Macy's bag from up top!

Ryan took this cool picture of the ice on the sign.  There were signs on every side of the building at the top.

Here are some other random pictures from days 5 and 6. 

I as trying to take some self-portraits with the point and shoot camera, but I needed the flash and Ryan HATES the flash.  He took one and he looked drunk, I laughed so hard and then we started being goofy.

(Note:  Ryan probably actually took about 90% of all the pictures we took.)

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