Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ENFP to the Extreme

So I think my principal is an ENFP...more so than me. Actually he's probably and ENTP. Example: Chaple today.

Last weeks chaple was an hour long which is about 40 minutes to long for most of the students and 20 minutes to long for teachers. So this week our principal, JB, is doing chaple again. So I got comfy. Well he is into introducing new songs--great, I have no problem with that. He's picked out Lord I Lift Your Name on High, and decided after we sing it that I should teach them the actions. (This was hard for me to figure out as he has a wandering eye I didn't even realize he was looking at me, I totallly thought he was talking to a different teacher!) So I teach them and we sing again.

Then he does his little homily and we sing another song. He's just finished talking about Matt. 28:19-20, and we're going to sing Here I Am Lord and all of a sudden he starts talking about a Veggie Tales song. He sings the line "God is bigger than the boogie man" and then goes back to Here I Am Lord. I couldn't help but laugh! So ENTP to the extreme.

In other news the girl from yesterdays post was in good form today--I should have given her a quiz today. :) I took a new picture today that includes the WHOLE class. I'll post it later.

AND, Mollie and I are seriously discussing running in the BolderBoulder next year. Training must begin. :) Mike Hanel's running too...just ask him!


Michael Hanel said...

I think what I said is that I'd watch. But Nate likes marathons, so I'll volunteer him instead.

hannah said...

Go you and Mollie! Way to be fit. I was thinking of training for our "Memorial Run" this next year. i just need a buddy

And I totally dindt' realize you had posted a funny script story until after I posted mine. oh well